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Plastic types

Plastic marking

Triangles on the package with numbers inside are your faithful assistant. The figure helps to understand what type of packaging it is and whether it can be recycled. The letter abbreviation under the triangles indicates the type of material, such as PP (polypropylene) or GL (glass).

  1. PET (E) - polyethylene terephthalate: usually these are bottles with a raised dot on the bottom, which sell water, soda, milk, oil. Also, transparent bottles for shampoos, disposable food containers are often made from PET. One piece can be recycled.
  1. PEHD (HDPE) - low-pressure polyethylene: cans, bottle caps, bottles for cosmetics and household chemicals. Two can be recycled.
  1. PVC - polyvinyl chloride: window frames, blisters, packaging for pills, as well as cakes and cottage cheese, shrink film, cosmetic bottles, toys. Avoid such packaging, it is harmful, it is almost impossible to recycle it.
  1. PELD (LDPE) - high pressure polyethylene (low density): bags and film. The four can be handed over for processing, but you have to look where.
  1. PP - polypropylene: bottle caps, buckets and pails, yogurt cups, lens packaging, rustling plastic packaging. Five can be handed over for processing.
  1. PS - polystyrene, it can be ordinary and foamed. Expanded polystyrene is used to make foam, egg containers, meat pads and packaging. From ordinary polystyrene - yogurt cups and packaging for CDs, as well as almost all disposable tableware. You can recycle, but it is better to avoid such packaging, it is harmful.
  1. O(ther) A mixture of various plastics or polymers not listed above. For example, packaging for cheese, coffee, pet food. Not subject to processing.


1. PET (E)can be handed over
2. PEHD (HDPE)can be handed over
3. PVCAlmost impossible to pass, best avoided
4. PELD (LDPE)You can hand it over for processing, but you have to look where
5. PPcan be handed over
6. PScan be handed over
7. O(ther)Not recyclable

Where you can donate plastic, you can look at the map created by the Ecoparsec team:

"map with recycling points"