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Your bin stands at the wrong place, is missing, etc.

Bins belong to City Halls, we are data operators, which provide the information received from municipalities. In case you have suggestions for their work you can leave them here or here, as well as by email info@ecoparsec.com.

How can I help?

It’s very simple! For instance:

  1. Report a place we don’t know by writing an email at info@ecoparsec.com, specifying the point type and its location.
  2. Become our volunteer.
  3. Donate.
  4. Become our regular sponsor.

Why can’t I transfer money to your bank card? Where are the requisites?

We are an official organization and we work within the law. We can only accept payments on the page. If someone, on our behalf, will try to collect money - do not believe it, they are crooks. You can learn more about how scammers work in the article.

Why are there not points in /city_name/?

If you know missing points we would love to learn about them from you and add them to the map. Not all cities are ready and able to afford the cost of separate collection, however in case you would like to help, email us at info@ecoparsec.com.

Who are you?

We are an NGO that specializes in environmental problems and issues by providing visual information. Read more about us here.

Do you work only in Yerevan?

We work and provide data all over Armenia.

Do you have articles / I would love to learn more about /theme_for_research/.

Email us at info@ecoparsec.com and we will be sure to release an article in the future.

Why don’t you do cleanups?

Cleaning of territories should be done by specialists. If you have found a pollution problem leave a message in or email us at info@ecoparsec.com.

Why do some issues take so long to resolve? Why can it take more than a week after an application untill the issue is solved?

Application to the state authorities is conducted by our NGO officially as a formal request. The law regulates the timeframe for considering and responding to requests. According to Article 9 of the RA Law "On Freedom of Information", an answer to a written request of citizens is given within 5 days after its receipt, with the exception of information requiring additional work (30-day period). All appeals must go through official channels of communication. If someone promises you the opposite - you're faced with a fraudster.

It doesn’t work on the website, it’s broken.

Email us at info@ecoparsec.com with a description of the problem.

I have an idea for you.

Email us at info@ecoparsec.com.

I have a project idea.

Email us at info@ecoparsec.com.

You write in the article /description_un-truth/ and /the_link_to_the_article/, but it’s not true!

Send your question to info@ecoparsec.com along with the source that refutes the data in the article.

You have an error in translation.

Yes, this does happen. Send a problem description at info@ecoparsec.com and if you wish you can become our volunteer.

Will your service work in /country_name/?

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer in this country, write to us about it.