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Where to donate old or unnecessary appliances in Armenia?

Here are several options where you can donate unnecessary and broken equipment in Armenia.

City greenning as a factor of ensuring population health

Issues of landscaping are especially relevant for southern cities, given the multifaceted impact of heat stress on public health.

Disposal of waste from home or office? Easily!

Who and how works in the market for the removal of separate waste from households and offices

The myth that plastic does not decompose

Today, more than 250,000 tons of plastic waste floats in the waters of the world's oceans.

Where to hand over unnecessary things in Armenia?

Here are a few options where you can drop off unwanted items in Armenia.

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Who are we and what do we do?

How does air pollution affect human health?

Air pollution is a complex and ubiquitous mix of pollutants, including particulate matter, chemicals and biological materials. And today it is increasingly recognized that air pollution has widespread and damaging effects on human health and is a major concern for the global community.

Used batteries cleaned water from heavy metals

They removed ions of cuprum, cadmium, zinc, and chromium

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Questions and answers to the Greening Department of Yerevan

Answers to questions addressed to the Department of Yerevan "Greening and Environmental Protection".

How to dispose of a Christmas tree

Are there Christmas tree collection points for recycling in Armenia?

How do I know if a foundation or nonprofit organization is real?

How to protect yourself from scammers who pretend to be philanthropists?

10 environmental facts

10 facts about ecology

Triangles and other designations on packaging

Triangles and other designations on packaging


How to get started with ecology?

Some of the simplest, but essential tips.


Plastic types

Triangles on the package with numbers inside are your faithful assistant. The figure helps to understand what type of packaging it is and whether it can be recycled