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Lecture on Zero-waste and conscious consumption

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Zero-waste and conscious consumption.

There was such an amazing time when only organic waste got into the garbage, and people carefully stored and reused everything else. Now, if you come to the store, everything is wrapped in one or even two packages.

At the meeting, we will talk about such an approach to lifestyle as Zero-waste. This is a principle that encourages us to abandon unnecessary packaging, take products and even cleaning products in our own reusable containers. Ideally, there should be no garbage at all, except for organic matter. Is it possible to achieve this, and how can we approach this in our realities?

We are waiting for everyone on February 4 at 13:00 at the "Restart Gyumri" office at st. Gorganyan, 232 (almost opposite the police station).

Presenter - Anna Dokuchaeva, eco-volunteer and coordinator of "Eco Gyumri", a graduate of the Faculty of Psychology of Moscow State University.