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In 2022, the damage caused to the atmospheric air amounted to 198,171,172 AMD

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

The Environmental Protection and Subsoil Supervision Authority of the Republic of Armenia has presented a plan for the protection of atmospheric air for 2022. The results of the control carried out during 2022: during this period, 179 violations were identified, a decision was made to impose 154 administrative penalties. The amount of the fine imposed by the decrees was AMD 13,000,000. The amount of compensation for damage caused to the environment amounted to AMD 198,171,172.

An administrative fine in the amount of AMD 3,850,000 was imposed on 77 cases of transportation of bulk materials without dust-proof coatings, identified as a result of large-scale preventive measures aimed at reducing dust emissions. 13 cases of activity without permits for emissions of pollutants from stationary sources into the atmosphere were identified. In all cases, operations were suspended.

An administrative fine of 1,500,000 drams was imposed on 10 construction organizations.

An administrative fine of 2,240,000 drams was imposed on 20 cases of illegal removal of the fertile soil layer, and the damage caused to the environment is estimated at 3,080,303 drams.

Photo: Inspectorate for Environmental Protection and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Armenia

Source: https://www.ecolur.org/en/news/officials/14717/