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Illegal water intake has been stopped at the sand washing points

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

The employees of the Environmental Protection and Subsoil Inspection Authority (EIA) recorded a number of violations during the inspection of the sand washing points belonging to "Lili-Arman" and "Hasined" LLCs operating in Arax community of Armavir region.

According to the announcement made by the BTU, "Lili-Arman" LLC has taken water from 2 illegal deep underground wells in the area, without the appropriate water use permit. "Hasined" LLC, also not having the appropriate water use permit, exploited 1 illegal underground well. The operation of all illegal deep wells was suspended by the decisions of the head of the Armavir regional department of the inspection body.

source: https://www.ecolur.org/hy/news/officials/14837/