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Getar Water Cleaning Station Project Sent to Expert Assessment

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

The project for the construction of a local biological and mechanical water treatment plant on the Getar River has been sent for expertise. 2023 On February 13, during the working consultation of the Yerevan Municipality, it was mentioned that the technical conditions of the station will be published after passing the inspection.

It should be noted that the site of the construction of the treatment plant was initially chosen in the part that flows into the Hrazdan River, which is located near the Polyplast factory in the Shengavit administrative district. A total of 126,701,300 drams will be needed for the implementation of the project, out of which 5 million drams will be used for the preparation of design budget documents for the local water treatment plant, and 121,701,300 drams for the construction of the local water treatment plant. This amount is planned to be allocated from the deductions of the environmental payments made by the production enterprises operating in the capital.

The authors of the project expect that as a result of the construction of the treatment plant, the Hrazdan River, which goes beyond the borders of the Yerevan community, will reach other communities of the Ararat Plain (Getapnya, Geghanist, Norabats, Zorak, Ghukasavan, Dashtavan, Darakert) in a cleaner state from an environmental point of view, in accordance with the irrigation standards, reducing the river and negative anthropogenic impact on the biodiversity (aquatic ecosystem, birds) of its coastal areas.

source: https://www.ecolur.org/en/news/cities/14686/