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Climate is changing, water resources are decreasing. 26 measures for adaptation

Monday, April 3, 2023

It is necessary to implement 26 priority measures for climate change adaptation in the field of water resources in Armenia. They are defined in the "Plan of climate change adaptation in the field of water resources and the list of measures for 2022-2026" approved by the RA government.

According to the document, it is planned to carry out a technical and economic study of the construction of 6 priority reservoirs and start construction: Argichi (5.5 million m3), Astghadzor (1.25 million m3), Lichki (1.17 million m3), Yelpin (1 million m3), Artik (1.69 million m3). ), Kasakhi (12 million m3). It is proposed to review the legislative regulations of Lake Sevan in order to preserve and restore the lake's ecosystem in the context of climate change, develop and implement hydrogeological and hydrological models for the Sevan basin management area and the Ararat Valley.

In 2022-2026, it is also planned to build 14 new hydrological observation points, review the quality standards of purified wastewater, implement pilot programs for the reuse of purified wastewater for irrigation purposes in the Ararat valley, define water distribution mechanisms in the Kasakh river basin, develop flood risk management plans, develop an emergency plan for droughts, implementation of legislative changes to promote water reuse practices, implementation of awareness raising campaigns and capacity building among vulnerable and isolated groups in terms of access to water supply.

The preliminary cost estimate for the implementation of 26 priority measures amounts to 51.3 billion AMD. The document states that neither the government nor the private sector alone can finance all the needs. There should be an effective partnership structure to finance adaptation measures.

It should be noted that as a result of climate change, river flows are predicted to decrease, which will inevitably lead to the deterioration of water quality. Climate change will affect the Sevan Lake basin. According to the fourth national report of RA, it is predicted that the annual river inflow to Lake Sevan will decrease by 17.5-33.8% by 2100, depending on the scenario. The negative impact of climate change on Lake Sevan is already noticeable, which is also accompanied by anthropogenic pressures.

"Water Resources Climate Change Adaptation Program and Action List for 2022-2026" was developed with the funding of the Green Climate Fund and the support of the United Nations Development Program within the framework of the "National Adaptation Program for the Advancement of Medium- and Long-Term Adaptation Planning in Armenia".

source: https://www.ecolur.org/hy/news/sevan/14793/