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About 4,000 cubic meters of garbage were removed from the Getar and Voghjaberd rivers

Monday, April 3, 2023

The employees of the communal economy department of the Yerevan Municipality took out about 4000 cubic meters of garbage from the Getar and Voghjaberd rivers, including household and construction garbage, even mattresses. All that was moved to landfills, Yerevan Municipality informs .

Works are carried out in Avan and Erebuni administrative regions. "The works started from the beginning of March. The entire length of Getar and Voghjaberd, which is about 19 km, is planned to be completed by the second half of April. Garbage volumes do not decrease every year, that's why we have to ask our population not to pollute the rivers, because they are of great importance for our ecosystem," said Arsen Karoyan, Head of the Communal Economy Department of Yerevan Municipality.

According to the message, cleaning works are important not only for ensuring cleanliness, but also for ensuring the unhindered flow of water. A large amount of silt also accumulates in the riverbeds, which, if not removed, will spread the stench to nearby houses and buildings in the summer months.

For dumping garbage in unspecified places, the current Code of the Republic of Armenia "On Administrative Offenses" stipulates a fine of 20-300 thousand drams. According to the report, the city government is now planning a legislative change to increase the amount of fines.

Photo: Yerevan Municipality

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