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YRVN is Ecoparsec foundation's platform for living a conscious and environmentally friendly lifestyle in Armenia. The map contains all the points that can be useful to people who consume resources responsibly: containers for collecting various fractions of recyclable materials, collection points for used batteries and light bulbs, second-hand stores, clothing, shoe and appliances repair shops, as well as tire collection points.

The platform is based on OpenStreetMap, which is distributed under a free license. Any user can become a volunteer and help us keep the map up to date. If you want to add a missing place to the map or suggest corrections, write a letter to info@ecoparsec.com indicating the type of point, its coordinates or address, as well as a photo, or fill out the feedback form.

What Ecoparsec does:

  • Implements projects aimed at transforming public opinion through education and awareness about nature-friendly lifestyles, the state of the environment and environmental issues;
  • Organizes fundraising for various environmental projects and initiatives;
  • Forms civil initiatives in the field of environmentally conscious consumption and lifestyle, as well as the environmental movement.

The goal of Ecoparsec: To foster responsibility toward the environment and natural resources in society.

Ecoparsec Policy: All NPO processes must be open, transparent and accessible to everyone. Periodic reporting should be available to any resident of the country.

Compliance: Engaging international agencies and organizations to conduct routine inspections for compliance with international requirements and standards.

Target audience: The target audience is primarily people who are already immersed in one way or another in conscious consumption and concern for the environment. In addition, our audience is children and teenagers, who need to convey the ideas of an environmentally conscious lifestyle and instill a love for the world around them and the country in which they live. As well as other individuals, many of whom are either hesitant or have not heard anything about environmentalism.

We live and work on donations. They allow us to pay for and maintain the service infrastructure, as well as organize periodic events that will contribute to the development of the service. If you have the opportunity and desire to help us fulfill our mission, you can always donate any amount to our fund.

Bank details: IDBank AMD 11817079841700 USD 11817079841701 EUR 11817079841702

NGO details: Registration number: 211.171.1262986 / 2022-09-07 Tax ID: 01044217 Z-code: 53504088 NGO Registration Data: https://www.e-register.am/ru/companies/1412986

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